• “I could not go for any of the weekly 6 – 8 mile hill walk with my friends because of my bladder problems. After doing Pilates classes I have no issues with incontinence anymore and I really enjoy my walking again. I find the classes very challenging and they give me a sense of achievement. I feel I can trust the instructor as she is a qualified physiotherapist ”


  • “ I was never able to do any heavy gardening, as digging the vegetable plot, because of back pain and sciatica. Pilates has taught me how to be more aware of my posture and shown me how to strengthen my core. I have found the classes informative and I feel I learn something new in every class. This has helped me immensely and I can enjoy my gardening again.”


  • “I used to feel very stiff in my entire body, and after the annual golfing holiday I would always have tiredness and pains in both my legs. After this year’s holiday I have had no leg pains and my golf swing is much better due to the improved strength and flexibility. I no longer have tired feelings in my legs. I just feel so much better.”

  • I have had sacro-iliac problems since the birth of my 1st child 4 years ago and I have been unable to do any jogging since then without a lot of pain. After doing Pilates classes for a few months I am back to regular running. The graduated stability exercises have certainly worked for me! I have found the sound advice from the physiotherapist instructor invaluable.”

  • “My MS symptoms are much less after joining a Modified Pilates class. I feel stronger and the balance is better. Because she is a physiotherapist she understands how to challenge me without fatigue.”

  • “I have had back problems all my life. I am retired and I have just lost my partner. Pilates has been a great help to manage my recent stress and grief. The exercises have enabled me to do the garden on my own.”