The Pilates concept is a mind-body technique emphasizing the importance of starting movement from a central core of stability: The lumbo-pelvic area.

joe Joseph Pilates believed in concentrating on the precision of movement, the awareness of breath control and the fluidity of movement. This results in the ability to alter abnormal patters of movement enabling the individual to apply this into day-to-day living and sporting activities.

Spinal problems, such as low back and neck pain, will benefit from this re-education and can allow people to continue their given sport or hobby as for example golf, running, gardening and hill walking.

As the core activation includes pelvic floor retraining it is excellent in women’s health issues and ante & post natally.

Modified Pilates for physiotherapists focuses on activating the central core and then challenging it by introducing graduated arm and leg movements and stretches.

Each of the original 34 matwork exercises are therefore graded into different levels. The exerciser should be working at a level where he/she can maintain the core control throughout each exercise. This tailors the exercises to the individual’s need and allows graduated progressions.

Modified Pilates is therefore suitable for all ages and fitness levels.